Strength, energy and power are words describing this amazing mixture of sounds which presents M.V Project. This project consists of playing on 4 turntables. Undoubtedly magic of their music sets come from the combination of two styles, skills, knowledge and experience which possess two Dj's: Marks and Venom.

Their music is something more than just sounds. It is essence, everything they feel and do! They treat playing as fun, which is created together with public. Their performance is filled with pure energy, which keeps everybody active, enthusiastic and breathless! The whole show is emphasized by the perfect choice of vinyls, which makes it unforgettable.

Venom and Marks present an impeccable style of playing. That's the main reason why they have become authorities of the local clubbing scene. This fact gave them a possibility to play in many clubs in Silesia (Poland). Thanks to the long standing experience, each of them developed a unique style, which makes their sets extremely interesting and valuable.

As Marks says: " Music consists of many sounds, which u need to choose carefully and fluently. The instrument which is the turntable, helps us in creating high quality sets and experience unforgettable moments". This is exactly what M.V Project idea is like!